Product Description

Are you ready for YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW? NO NOT THE DAYS, BUT THIS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL 3 DiamondAura NECKLACE. 4.5ctw. These flawless diamonds bounce the light as though lightening was shooting out of each stone. The refraction is amazing as are the stone, all flawless, D Color and VS1 Clarity. Nature couldn’t make a better diamond, as a matter of fact it didn’t. These lab created diamonds far out shine, out brings more raves and comments than mined diamonds and all becaue man invented lab created diamonds that match mother natures process and most of the time out does her.

We could charge what mined diamonds are valued at (over $3,500-$5,000) but then we wouldn’t be doing you any favors. So we decided that this necklace and all of our products should be and are heavily discounted. So this amazing necklace will only set you back, $129.99, you read that correctly, $129,99 FOR 4.5 CARATS OF FLAWLESS, D COLOR, VS1 CLARITY LAB CREATED DIMONDAURA DIAMONDS.