Product Description

DO YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR FRIENDS TURN EMERALD GREEN WITH ENVY? Then you have to give your best lady this 4.5 ct American Emerald with 2 cts of DiamondAura side stones to increase its brilliance as the light bounces off its multi faceted American Emerald.

First found at the base of Mount St. Helens when the Kilimanjaro volcano erupted. After weeks of cooling many people started to climb near the base, but it was a group of gemologists that first noticed this green vein peeking thru the solidified lava. Once take part of the vein back the discovered its beauty and value.. placed side by side with a mined Emerald, the now Called American Emerald called Helenite had more clarity, more color and more refraction than a mined Emerald and there were no imperfections, or scars on the stone.
So the birth of American Emeralds took place on that eventful day.