Product Description

Mini GPS Locator can help you find your car, keys, and other personal possessions including children and family pets.

You can search anywhere within Bluetooth® range, usually within 10-30 meters (30-100ft). This Mini GPS Locator will make a sound and blink the lights when you launch the find mode.

You can also set the Mini GPS Locator to sound an alarm when Bluetooth® connection is lost. This will notify you when you leave your phone behind. You can also choose the app to save the location where Bluetooth connection was lost to your account. Check the location from the app or web service.

Personal safety
You can share your exact location to a select group of family or friends. There are two functions you can configure separately: a short and a long press (over 2 seconds). We often refer to the short press as ‘location sharing’ and the long press as ‘distress signal’ or ‘calling for help’. Location sharing requires you to join or create a Buddy circle. Location can also be shared directly from the app.

Activity tracking
This Mini GPS Locator offers an on-board accelerometer which can be used to measure your movement. Place the Mini GPS Locator in your pocket to measure activities of leg movement, such as walking, running, and biking. A wristband version is being designed and developed.

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