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When we added the QR Code and NFC Sticker to our wallet-Card EMR products, those free updates provided two extra methods so EMT and Paramedics obtain electronic medical records in circumstances where no computer is available in the ambulance during transport.

The QR Code access doesn’t hold as much data as the Key 2 Life® (EMR) medi-chip. However, the data stored with the QR code is more than enough to provide life-saving information to first-responders.

I keep complete electronic medical records on my Key 2 Life® (EMR) which can be accessed by first-responders in 3 seconds. Thanks for the Key 2 Life® (EMR) and thanks for adding extra lifesaving solutions.

Kenny Shaw

Kenny Shaw, Medical Patient
I followed your step-by-step instructions. The customer service is is the best. It was easy to upload my confidential medical records thanks to the file you sent me with clear instructions. I had my Key 2 Life® (EMR) setup quickly.

Thank you, Richard

Richard, Medical Patient
I purchased a Key 2 Life® (EMR) double heart bracelet. When I accessed the software to register my Key 2 Life® (EMR) bracelet, the software informed me I was already registered.

I called Norman Eisenberg and was informed that SGMS tests every Key 2 Life® (EMR) prior to sale. Norman explained the medi-chip needed to be restored to factory-new status. A few minutes later my Key 2 Life® (EMR) bracelet was reset and I uploaded my confidential electronic medical records.

The professionalism and honesty by Norman Eisenberg is refreshing. I tell my friends about this great company Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp.

Sylvia Thompson, Las Vegas, Nevada

Sylvia Thompson, Medical Patient
Thank you so much for your assistance above and beyond the call of duty. I am so glad that I purchased your Key 2 Life® (EMR) products. The software is easy to use and convenient to access.
Carol A., Medical Patient
I know Norman Eisenberg for more than 20 years. For the past five years Norman has been offering me a Key 2 Life® (EMR). I resisted and said no to utilizing Key 2 Life® (EMR).

I was traveling from Brazil to Texas to visit my son. The plane was about one hour in the air when I noticed two flight attendants assisting a passenger in the rear of the plane. One flight attendent spoke over the intercom to learn if there was a doctor or any medical personal on that flight?

I have three years of medical training so I went back to see if I could help the passenger.

Ironically, I noticed on the passenger’s wrist the “Star of Life” medical logo along with Key 2 Life® (EMR) on the wrist bracelet. Ten passengers offered up their laptop to connect the wrist bracelet to the data server. The resulting electronic medical records showed the passenger had a history of seizures with a line-by-line instruction on treating that passenger in the event of a seizure.

The two flight attendants and I provided each of the tasks described in the electronic medical records stored on the Key 2 Life® (EMR).

The flight attendants notified the pilot and the pilot located and landed at a nearby airport for emergency transport for that ill passenger.

As soon as I reached my son’s home in Dallas, the first call I made was to Norman Eisenberg to inform him of my decision to order three Key 2 Life® (EMR) bracelets for myself, my son, and my daughter.

After discovering the convenience of a step-by-step medical treatment plan on the Medi-Chip I am certain Key 2 Life® (EMR) saved that passenger’s life.

Toni Villarindo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Toni Villarindo, Medical Patient
To Whom It May Concern:

The Key 2 Life® (EMR) is a valuable lifesaving tool during a medical emergency. It saves time and expedites electronic medical record access.

Medical patients who carry Key 2 Life® (EMR) also benefit, because medical patients save time during scheduled medical office visits. Bringing medical history and dental records loaded in the chip of the Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) is convenient and expedites each medical office visit.

Larry I. Gilderman D.O
Diplomate American Board of Family Practice

Joseph A. Wilson Sr. PA-C
Physician Assistant, Family Medicine

Adrea J Ramsay, M.D.
Diplomate American Board of Family Practice

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