Welcome to the Key2Life® Product Catalog.Key2Life® Product Catalog

This is the place to find the entire range of Key2Life® USB electronic medical record solutions, the Silver/Gold Tone Health Magnetic Sabona Bracelets, our Mini GPS Locators and the Police Body Camera to protect yourself or the people you love.
We know that it is very hard to be caring for people with mental disabilities, Epilepsy, Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s or other medical conditions that affect consciousness or judgment. In case of an accident, natural disaster or if your beloved ones are in medical needs away from their protected environment, our products will provide paramedics the vital information to offer them the care they need.
Feel free to browse through the categories below, find the product you want and order it online in a few clicks. You will have it delivered in a few days and it will protect you for life!