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Welcome to out FAQ page where we will try to answer all your questions.  We know that we will miss one or two and that’s where you come in.  If  you have a question you don’t see answered here, send us an email and let us hear from you, ( so we know what questions you have.

1- How secure from hackers is my information on my Key2Life(c)?
Ans: Your Designer Key2Life(c) has a double password entry system which is also protected by your ability to encrypt the data with the Encryption (256AES encryption) program we provide free of charge.

2- How can the EMT’s or rescue people get into my Medi-Chip if I am unconscious or can’t remember my passwords?
Ans: We have  supplied a special EMR, MD. RN button on the Fashionable Medi-Chip that opens to a “Quick Report” page giving them your vital lifesaving information so they can begin treatment almost immediately. They can only read what is there and can’t add, delete or alter anything on that page.

3- How does the information get on the Medi-Chip?
Ans: Either you or your doctor can input the information onto the Medi-Chip along with x-ray images, MRI images, CT Scan images and any other image or data you w
1- Is the information in  my Key2Life(c) secure?

4- What if my doctor won’t insert my Medi-Chip in his computer for fear of bringing in a virus or something else?
Ans: We have added an anti-virus program that runs in the background of our program to protect both the computer it is plugged into and the chip itself. So you can assure your doctor that we have protected his computer as well as our program and Medi-Chip too.

5- Why should my doctor take the time to upload the records i request?
Ans: First of all, the records are YOURS, not the doctors. The only thing that are his are his notes but everything else, test results, xrays, medical reports, surgical reports etc: belong to you. And probably the most important reason he should be willing to upload your data is one important fact.  He gets paid to do it.
Doctors usually set up their appointments every 15 minutes so if you should ask him to upload your xray images and report that would spill over to the next 15 minute cycle where he can then charge for his time. And if you also want your EKG results, again it would go into the third 15 minute cycle so he can bill the insurance companies accordingly.
   So a basic office visit might pay the doctor $47.00 (he billed the Ins. Company $85.00)  if he added your xray he then can bill the Ins. Company $150 and he would receive $92.00. (these figures are for an example only).

6- Can i update my information any time I want to and as often as i need to?
Ans: Your data can be updated any time  you want to and you can also provide a copy to your doctor too.                     

6 Why should I purchase your product compared to a major recognized company’s?
Ans: I am glad you asked that question. First of all, we are the authors of the program, the inventors of the Medi-Chip and can change, add, or delete anything required instantly. The major companies must go to their Board Of Directors and present anything they want to do to the program, vote on it, and then effect the change. All of which can take upwards of 1-3 months to take place. We, on the other hand can do it in 1 hour as we are the Board of Directors and can approve any changes instantly.
Also as the originator of the program, we don’t have to give it to the IT department, check and make changes etc: and the most important issue is that our program is written, designed and produced by medical personnel. Two doctors whose combined medical experience spans over 50 years, a Physicians Associate with 18 years experience in medicine and 24 years in computer programming and we also have an IT specialist as well. I hope we addresses your concerns.

Yes!  Many organizations purchase seasonal gifts for employees as well as employee incentive programs.  A discounted price plan is available for volume discounts to be provided to decision makers making inquiry.

Yes!  The Mini GPS Locator works for finding car keys, finding the car, finding the children, and even finding family pets.

Yes!  Volume discounting is expected and intended in each serious inquiry from any law enforcement agency seeking to acquire Police Body Camera. In addition, training, replacement parts, and cloud server hosting is likewise available for law enforcement agencies who purchase Police Body Camera.

The sale of Police Body Camera is available to consumer, anywhere world-wide. The Police Body Camera is not limited to law enforcement agencies.  Citizens can likewise purchase the Police Body Camera to record public interactions within public spaces or for any other lawful use.

Yes! The Key 2 Life EMR Medi-Chip functions anywhere in the world. Access is achieved on any computer which is running wine emulation, PDA (with optional cable), and mobile phones (if you purchase the mini USB port adapter).

Included in the software of every Key 2 Life® EMR Medi-Chip there exists a “Guest” portal where an EMT, Doctor, or Nurse can access your electronic medical records. The “Guest” portal is limited, such that those medical professionals can not add, delete, or modify any of your stored electronic medical records. The “Guest” portal is “read only.” Any non-essential data, such as private information which is not medically related should be encrypted so no one but you can access or see your private data by using the free encryption program provided at no additional cost.

There are three ways you can easily enter medical information into the patient software:
1. Type your medical information;
2. Click on the black arrow on the side of the data box and select a scripted answer from the multiple choice list; or,
3. Download the answers from your doctor’s computer or from the lap, pharmacy, or clinic where your electronic medical records are currently stored.

The electronic medical records are an evolving history as you move forward throughout your life. Don’t worry about having an answer, or every answer. A partial electronic medical record is better than none at all. As you show up for medical exams, doctor’s appointments, you can continue to acquire more and more of your personal health history and keep your Key 2 Life® EMR Medi-Chip up to date at your convenient.

Most medical professionals know what the Star of Life symbol represents. In the event your medical care providers make a request to learn the risks of Key 2 Life EMR Medi-Chip the medical experts at SGMS can produce a verification letter from several of the largest computer manufacturers and source code programmers attesting “NO HARM” to their respective computers. The Key 2 Life EMR Medi-Chip ships with a Virus Software loaded and is 100% virus free when shipped.

Every Key 2 Life® EMR Medi-Chip ships with four software folders installed. The main software folder is titled EMRJ1 which is the software program containing the medical database. You also receive a folder containing software instructions and login credential setup. A third software folder 256AES Encryption which is provided free of charge.

The encryption software protects your confidential electronic records such bank account information, credit card numbers, drivers license, social security card, insurance policy information, and special one-of-a-kind images you can never replace if lost, stolen, or destroyed by natural disasters.

Your registration number enables you to set up your user name and confidential password to gain access and fill in your confidential data.

All data is auto-saved when you close the software screen.

For additional assistance contact now at or call 305.936.9018.

Most EMT, Fire-Rescue, and Law Enforcement Officers are trained to look for the Star of Life logo. The Star of Life logo is widely known throughout most civilized nations on the planet, and as such, the Star of Life is not in use on an isolated or limited basis.

When first-responders appear during a medical crisis, the medical treatment offered is a choice of wisdom once the first-responders have found any product or thing containing a Star of Life, because that product or item will typically contain that person’s crucial health records.

For those reasons, the Star of Life is most often worn or carried on a person’s wrist, neck, key ring, purse, or wallet. The Star of Life logo which appears on each of Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp’s Key 2 Life (EMR) Medi-Chip product line, contains an award-winning software linking solution through a USB computer port in order for first-responders to access and treat a patient during a medical crisis based upon the patient’s actual electronic medical records.

Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp offers a guarantee as follows:

If you are not 100% satisfied we won’t rest until you are. If we can not satisfy you SGMS Corp will refund your money with no questions asked within 30 days of purchase when you return the purchased product in like-new condition, or for manufacturer defect during the first year from date of purchase when you return the purchased product.

The management of Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp verily believe Key 2 Life® EMR Medi-Chip is an offer consumers can not resist for three reasons:

1. Consumers say that the data storage capacity 4GB is much larger than other competitors offer;
2. Consumers say that the patient software inside is a huge benefit giving the user a fill-in-the-blank medical template to store all crucial electronic medical records;
3. The Key 2 Life® EMR Medi-Chip is routinely offered on this website at a steep discount for approximately half-off the suggested retail value.

The consumers who have spoken up have informed our senior management of their complete confidence, their complete satisfaction for the manner and method SGMS Corp does business with consumers.

In addition to selling high-quality Key 2 Life® EMR Medi-Chip products, the senior management have declared to discount the cost lower for financially-strapped seniors, for active military, and for wounded warriors after discharge from their military service.