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(SGMS Corp) is  looking for some dedicated distributors that want to earn $35,000 and up per year working 3-4 hours per day or less.  Simply stated, make a sale today and get paid today.  A $40.00 product provides you with $20.00+ per  sale on the spot. SGMS Corp offers extended warranties with every product.

A one year warranty covers everything except user abuse at a cost of $18.00. If the dog chews it you’re covered. If you accidentally run over it in the car, you’re covered, if you lose it due to a faulty clasp or broken link on the necklace (not due to your fault) you’re covered, if it just stops working, you ‘re covered.

Now, you don’t have to stock anything as we drop ship for you. We do recommend that you purchase two or three samples ($15.00 each) so you can get used to the program and know the ins and outs of it. By the way we will give you as much training as you wish or feel you  need. one on one if need be. We want you to be able to discuss the Key2Life® as easily as the Sunday Night Football game, because it will earn you that new car every year, pay your mortgage yearly and let you take those extra get-a-way vacations without worrying how you are going to pay for it.  Below is more information about the Key2LIfe® EMR, after reading it if you have any more questions contact me directly or call 305-936-9018 and we will go over any questions you have.. Until then, thank you for thinking about Key2Life® EMRs.

Learn More About Key 2 Life® (EMR)

The Key 2 Life® (EMR) product line includes 20 or more flash-drive products to choose from. Corporate office provides training to each re-seller and no re-seller is required to learn programming or coding. This software is simple and easy to use.

Depending upon the specific product a customer purchases, Key 2 Life® (EMR) products are worn as jewelry, not limited to bracelet, necklace, pennant, or as a wallet-card, key chain, and other as interesting Medi-Chip objects.

The Key 2 Life® (EMR) can load in a variety of computers such as desktop, laptop, tablet, and pad. Windows-based or Apple-based computers each work perfectly. After activation of a Key 2 Life® (EMR) product, the individual can upload their confidential electronic medical records, x-rays, lab test, clinical reports, prescription regimen,  and all other medical diagnosis and treatment plans.

In addition to storing medical records, most individuals upload important financial records, as well as copies of their drivers license, mortgages, loans, and vehicle registration documents.  Many individuals have confided they use the Key 2 Life® (EMR) memory to store contact information of medical decision-makers, next-of-kin, and family and friends listed for emergency contact purposes in the event of a medical crisis.

Depending upon the age of an individual user, Key 2 Life® (EMR) can be carried to and from school, sporting events, social gatherings, worn at work, worn at play, and even carried while participating in a family vacation or when traveling to popular Spring Break locations.

A vast number of Police, Fire, and Medical Transport responders are trained to look for the Medi-Chip when a medical crisis arises.

Whether the individual is the parent of a child, a high school teenager engaging in after-school sports, a young couple raising a family, business men and women managing labor crews and staff on the job, or retired seniors — the sector of society that needs to purchase Key 2 Life® (EMR) remains vast. Medical experts have expressed their iron-clad belief that individuals who carry Key 2 Life® (EMR) are acting with wisdom, because the Key 2 Life® (EMR) has proven to be a life-saving data resource relied upon by medical experts during a medical crisis.

Clubs, Groups, & Associations Encourage Members To Buy Key 2 Life® (EMR)

As a reseller, your potential consumer-base is vast. Virtually everyone in society can wear a Key 2 Life® (EMR) on their person, in their pocket, in their purse, or on a key chain.

Resellers Design and Implement Their Own Marketing Strategies

Every reseller is an independent thinker, an independent business owner, and every reseller is never required to utilize any particular sales strategy.  Several successful sales agents have developed several marketing strategies for the reseller’s consideration to build a successful annualized revenue selling Key 2 Life® (EMR). Submit your REGISTER form today and learn from the experts how-best to build your at-home business today.


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