Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp


Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp (SGMS) was founded in February 2005. SGMS is a duly authorized organization with corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida. Norman Eisenberg is President and CEO.

SGMS offers a product line branded as Key 2 Life® (EMR) Medi-Chip.  Key 2 Life® (EMR) Medi-Chip is a registered mark with patent pending.

Key 2 Life® (EMR) Medi-Chip provides individuals cost-effective technology to store, carry, and access confidential electronic medical records. Immediate access to electronic medical records by first-responders and trauma surgeons reduces delay and provides medical professionals historical data to make a prompt and competent diagnosis and appropriate treatment during medical crisis.

The law provides a right to store, carry, and access personal electronic health records. Consumers who purchase Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) have attributed Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) to saving time and saving lives. Senior Management of Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp produce world-class, cutting-edge electronic medical record solutions.

Norman Eisenberg, President & CEO

More About Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp

Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp’s mission is to increase public awareness, to proactively store, carry, and access personal electronic medical records to assist medical practitioners during medical crisis.
Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp’s philosophy is to offer for sale only high-quality Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) products.
Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp offers an iron-clad promise to maintain open-lines of direct communication with each customer either by phone, email, or by the customer submitting a contact form on this website.
Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp’s culture is an environment where the customer comes first above all else. SGMS will always deal with each customer straight-up.

Norman Eisenberg

Norman Eisenberg, President & CEO

Norman served as a Medic in the United States Army from 1962 until 1967. That tour of duty included the Berlin Crisis and Vietnam War. Norman graduated from Farmingdale University in New York and obtained his Masters Degree in Psychology at Southwestern University in Arizona.

Norman practiced medicine as a licensed Physician Associate from 1969 until 2008. Norman has fond memories of his medical career, and cherishes those moments caring for wounded warriors in battle and caring for patients stateside.

After leaving the medical sector, Norman invested the subsequent 18 years engaging in medical-equipment sales and marketing various product lines which merge medical and technology sectors.

Norman pursued the sale of Key 2 Life® (EMR) Medi-Chip to assist individuals overcome life-threatening delay and the resulting adversity which arises in a patient’s life after a near-death medical crisis.

The passion Norman offers while building this business is a full-time commitment and unwavering sense of loyalty to each and every customer.

Corporate Governance

Norman Eisenberg, President & CEO

Michael Franz

Michael Franz, CPA & CFO

Mr. Franz is a successful Certified Public Accountant doing business in Hollywood, Florida and surrounding communities. Michael has more than 27 years experience and has been voted a Top 10 CPA in Florida for more than a decade.

Michael is CFO for Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp. SGMS has grown considerably by utilizing advice and guidance provided by Mr. Franz.

DOUGLAS SLAVIN M.D., Vice President & Medical Advisor

Dr. Slavin has practiced medicine for over 35 years. Dr. Slavin performed a as a Naval Flight Surgeon in the military. Untold brave men and woman who served in the military were competently treated by Dr. Slavin.

Dr. Slavin specializes in cardiology and internal medicine. He is an attending physician at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Miami Heart Institute in Miami Beach, Florida for the past 30 years.

Dr. Slavin served as Medical Director for Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp when this organization was founded. Dr. Slavin has had a crucial role in the approval of design and development of the entire product line of EMR flash-drives available through SGMS.

James Joy D.O.

Dr. Joy (“JJ”) as he prefers to be called is a retired surgeon. JJ serves in several capacities, as Medical Consultant and corporate liason for Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp handling inquiries about Key 2 Life® (EMR) from the medical and first-responder professions.

Notwithstanding his retirement, JJ continues to utilize his medical expertise in the education sector by performing a role as an Instructor at Clayton State University, Natural Science Department. JJ teaches Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology. JJ is also an instructor at Clayton University, School of Nursing.

Dr. Joy assisted in the design and development of Key 2 Life® (EMR) software. Dr. Joy currently serves as Medical Director for Key 2 Life® (EMR).

Jamie Fennelly, Vice President, CTO

Jamie is based in Ireland. Jamie is Chief Technology Officer for Safe Guard Medi-Systems Corp for European operations.

Jamie has 10 years experience performing computer design and computer security coding.  Jamie also has a vital role assisting to build brand recognition of the Key 2 Life® (Medi-Chip) program in Ireland and other emerging markets.