Dear Blog Posters who think that by hijacking my blog you are getting more readers.  Perhaps, perhaps you get a few more, but what must they think of you>  A person who is too lazy to create their own blog, or one that has so little respect for other people’s properties that they fell that they have to defecate all over it.  You aren’t gaining popularity, you are only getting those like you who have nothing better to do with their time then to annoy  hard working individual.

Do you think you are gaining respect? Far from it, why not put your own blog up so people can react and comment to your information and perhaps hijack your blog, and see how it feels.  I wonder what  your parents would say to you if they knew that you were less than honorable.

For every one of you that find it necessary to comment on others work how about commenting on this video that i did.  Let me hear your comments about this one.  This person spent 11 years of their life working diligently on perfecting their craft and art as bloggers spent a great deal of time learning their trade.  So show some respect for once in  your life and act mature.

Let this hard working young woman show you a thing or two about dedication and hard work. Do you get the message???