Hi folks it’s Norman sharing a heart-wrenching story by a customer named Missy:

Missy wrote – this is a little about me. I was a very successful daycare owner. I operated 3 daycare centers for over 8 years. I suffered a seizure and wound up hospitalized. Doctors discovered I had Anemia, Diabetes, Epilepsy and a rare RH blood factor.

My family feared the worst for me believing I was on my death bed. The brilliant Doctors brought me back from these severe illnesses. My doctors encouraged me to purchase a medi-chip bracelet or necklace. My doctors wanted me to carry my medical records on my person, including travel abroad and on cruises. My doctors’ advice saved me life.

I purchased Key2Life® Medi-Chip, because the price was within my budget. I purchased the Mini Dog Tag. I gained a sense of peace of mind instantly while wearing Key2Life® Medi-Chip. My Key2Life® Medi-Chip contains my medical history, medication list, allergy list, conditions, advanced directives, and emergency contacts so my family will be alerted during my next medical emergency.

I scheduled a cruise with my husband after discharge from the hospital. I suffered a medical relapse but the Cruise Liner physician explained no treatments were permissible, not even giving me an aspirin without having some type of medical history. My husband produced to the physcian my Mini Dog Tag Key2Life® Medi-Chip.

The Cruise Line doctor plugged my Medi-Chip into the Cruise Line computer and my complete medical records popped on screen including detailed medical reports at-a-glance.

Key2Life® Medi-Chip worked flawlessly and the brilliant doctor saved my life. My doctor was so keen he requested to know how to order Key2Life® Medi-Chip for other Cruise passengers on board. Now that I am aware of the medical rules on the open seas, I will never go anywhere on any cruise without my Key2Life® Medi-Chip around my neck.

What you need to know about cruise ship and medical care:


Republished from June 22, 2014