key2life Key2Life releases their latest invention, THE NFC EMC (Emergency Medi-Card (c) Featuring a NFC Chip, QR Code, (quick response) Magnetic Strip and our award winning Medical K2L Database Program on the K2L Cloud. Not only does Key2Life have the new NFC EMC, but we have over 23 different styles of our Award Winning USB Portable EMR Medi-Chip in our Children’s Medical Bracelet, Medical GI Dog Tags, Adult Medical Bracelets, Necklaces, Credit card style cards, Sports Band EMR’s and our new Medical Awareness Tags too. When we say Key2Life covers all the bases we mean just that. From head to toe we help protect your life and the life of your family.. and right now is you select any one of our products we  will give you a Pharmacy discount card providing up to 70% discount on any and all your medications.  And the best part is that you can use it over and over again as this is a lifetime discount card that is 100% FREE, our gift to you. Now  isn’t it time you looked thru our web site an selected the EMR or EMC that is right for you?   We want to ask you one very important question, and that is, “WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH, RIGHT NOW” ?  We want you to think about this question and when you have the answer contact us at info@sgmscorp.com  and if your figure matches the one we have picked out for you , we will give you 50% off on your purchase!

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K2L Prgm

To access our Key2Life EMC on our cloud, scan the QR code and you will be taken to the program. Click on Medical Personnel Only which is a read only basis just to show you what the program is like. The card will hold all the vital medical emergency information and all the rest of the data will be stored on the cloud program. The first 500 clients will recieve a free lifetime use of the cloud which is normally $25 a year for the first two years and after that only $20 for every other two years.. so save the money, get your EMC card today and the free storage.. www.sgmscorp.com or email us at info@sgmscorp.com


These are our 2 “Throwback Bracelets” which kind of reminds you of the “ID Bracelets of the 60′s and 70′s.  Available in Gold Tone or Silver Tone with a 4gb waterproof Medi-Chip inside to hold all of your medical history. Available or $39,95

This is our Double Heart Bracelet which can be engraved on the front or back and hold 4gb of Lifesaving Medical Information and it to is 100% waterproof. The perfect way to show her your really care about her… $49.95 (Brown or Black Band)

IMG_6177 $39.95
The “Heart” Key Ring can be engraved on the back and with its 4gb waterproof Medi-Chip, helps to save your life in  a Medical Emergency, Accident or Natural Disaster.
To see the rest of our amazing Lifesaving Medi-Chips please go to our products page and we are sure that there will be something to your liking…
April 1, 2014:  Key2Life Expands into Brazil and Ireland to help our European allies:
Strange as it may seem, last month we at Key2LIfe received a very strange request, that being to create a program for Cattle.  Seems like the Old West has invaded Brazil’s cattle ranchers and Ireland’s too where the cattle are being rustled. Since this is quite new to them, they turned to us to create a chip/tag that could be attached to the cattle which would be non removable and hold the cows breed, registration number, its medical history, whether it was a milk cow or beef cow  and several other items of importance to play a role in identification.  We were also challenged with the task of coming up with a reader/scanner that could scan the tag from a distance of not less than 30 meters.
We are pleased to report that we have accomplished both tasks and are preparing to present out Animal (Pet Program) Program to the ranchers and to also demonstrate the scanner which can ID the cow from a minimum of 30 meters away.. This has created a new market for the Key2life EMR and it is now available to all pet owners and Vets in both Europe and America and points beyond.
This Pet EMR features not only the medical aspect of the animals but a full compliment of Veterinarians procedures, billing, treatments etc; and a full fee schedule as well for large and small animals..
Should you wish any further information on the Pet EMR or our “People EMR” or the New NFC Medi-Card, please contact us at: info@sgmscorp.com or 305-936-9018.
And remember “Your Life Is In Your Hands, Protect It”>



Can’t afford one of our products?  Please contact us so we might be able to provide you with one of our lifesaving Products

We are looking forward to always be the leader in providing new and better methods to help provide you with lifesaving products, ones that will work anywhere in the world and that are affordable for everyone.  Should you not be able to afford one of our products assistance may be available to help provide one to you. Contact Norman Eisenberg at norman@sgmscorp.com for further information.



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