April is Autism Month and Key2Life will donate $5.00 from every Medi-Chip sold to the Autism Foundation during the entire month of April.




Now that you met the “Mishaps” don’t you think   you have a better picture of how the Key2Life can help save your life in an emergency? No matter what you call it, medical flash drive, USB Chip, portable medical record etc: the results are the same, THE KEY2LIFE WILL AND DOES HELP SAVE LIVES, WILL YOUR LIFE BE ONE OF THEM? 

Key2Life, the award winning EMR Medi-Chip has won awards for helping to save lives. We are more than just a “pretty face”, we actually do what we say we can….SAVE LIVES.. Protect yourself and your loved ones with a Key2Life Medi-Chip,Isn’t it time you purchased your Key2Life to protect  your family? We will always be here to help you help them.

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K2L Prgm

To access our Key2Life EMC on our cloud, scan the QR code and you will be taken to the program. Click on Medical Personnel Only which is a read only basis just to show you what the program is like. The card will hold all the vital medical emergency information and all the rest of the data will be stored on the cloud program. The first 500 clients will receive a free lifetime use of the cloud which is FREE FOR THE FIRST year and after that only $20 for every other two years.. so save the money, get your EMC card today and the free storage.. www.sgmscorp.com or email us at info@sgmscorp.com ______________________________________________________

Can’t afford one of our products?  Please contact us so we might be able to provide you with one of our lifesaving Products

“Donate to help someone that can’t afford our Key2Life Medi-Chip & know that you helped to save someone’s life.”
Should you know someone that is not be able to afford one of our products  we  will  provide them one at no cost at all!
For further information contact us at :
info@sgmscorp.com or call 1-800-275-3136


 April is Autism month

  For every Medi-Chip sold in April, Key2Life will donate $5.00 to the autism foundation to help benefit the many children with this dreaded disease.
We at Key2Life have seen the fantastic progress the foundation has done in helping these children especially one and his name is Griffin. To read Griffin’s story go to the news page.   Thank you.

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My goodness, I have one of your 4GB Medi-Chips EMR and everyone that sees it would like to know what it is.They didn’t know the Key2Life existed and now they want one. Thanks for your wonderful product. My doctor is telling his patients about them and is going to provide them for all his patients because in his word,“Key2Life is a true and proven lifesaver and I care about my patients health, and more important their safety”.

Mary Jane McKendry


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    When a product lives up to what it says it can do, especially in today’s world, it is very unusual. The Key2Life does exactly what it says it can do and more. My patients have varied medical problems and they have found that the Key2Life provides that needed “security blanket” in eliminating that fear factor should they find themselves in a medical emergency situation. Five stars to Key 2 Life..
    Douglas S. M.D.

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