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Make sure the EMR you purchase can fill the bill.

If it doesn’t hold your X-rays, Medications,Allergies, Family History, EKG’s, Allergies, and more you bought a “TURKEY
Key2Life will never scrimp on providing everything you need in your EMR to help save your life.  Continue thru this web site to select your EMR Chip


Elerts is an app (i-phone or android phone or tablets) that is FREE to all of you* that can protect you on campus or off, enable you to summon help the moment you need it by simply pushing one button on your  smart phone and more…

Campus App: instead of having security walk you back to your dorm, you install the app on your phone, when you are ready to return to your dorm, you plug in your ear phone, turn on the app, and begin your walk back to the dorm. If you suspect someone is following you , or if someone IS FOLLOWING YOU, simply remove the ear phone plug and a 10 second count down begins. if you feel you need help just push the send help button and instantly the ELERT goes out to the campus police, and the local police and the cameras on campus (in and around your area turn on so they can capture any video of the person/persons) and the Elert contains GPS coordinates, pictures and follows you step by step to where you are going..

There are 9 apps in total each for a different event, subways/ buses, arenas,  stadiums, on the water,  Medical emergencies (which include our award winning EMR program) 911 calls for various emergencies that you might see and want to report (without revealing your name) and more.   Interested parties should contact us at  info@sgmscorp.com or elerts@sgmscorp.com.


Key2Life releases their latest invention, THE NFC EMC (Emergency Medi-Card (c) Featuring a NFC Chip, QR Code, (quick response) Magnetic Strip and our award winning Medical K2L Database Program on the K2L Cloud.
Not only does Key2Life have the new NFC EMC, but we have over 23 different styles of our Award Winning USB Portable EMR Medi-Chip in our Children’s Medical Bracelet, Medical GI Dog Tags, Adult Medical Bracelets, Necklaces,Credit card style cards, Sports Band EMR’s and our new Medical Awareness Tags too.
When we say Key2Life covers all the bases we mean just that. From head to toe we help protect your life and the life of your family.. and right now is you select any one of our products we  will give you a Pharmacy discount card providing up to 70% discount on any and all your medications.  And the best part is that you can use it over and over again as this is a lifetime discount card that is 100% FREE, our gift to you.
Now  isn’t it time you looked thru our web site an selected the EMR or EMC that is right for you?
We want to ask you one very important question, and that is, “WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH, RIGHT NOW” ?  We want you to think about this question and when you have the answer contact us at info@sgmscorp.com  and if your figure matches the one we have picked out for you , we will give you 50% off on your purchase!

bestBusinessAward2014 bestBusinessAwardMiami2009award


K2L Prgm

To access our Key2Life EMC on our cloud, scan the QR code and you will be taken to the program. Click on Medical Personnel Only which is a read only basis just to show you what the program is like. The card will hold all the vital medical emergency information and all the rest of the data will be stored on the cloud program. The first 500 clients will recieve a free lifetime use of the cloud which is normally $25 a year for the first two years and after that only $20 for every other two years.. so save the money, get your EMC card today and the free storage.. www.sgmscorp.com or email us at info@sgmscorp.com ______________________________________________________

Can’t afford one of our products?  Please contact us so we might be able to provide you with one of our lifesaving Products

Donate with Paypal My Amazon Wish List
“Donate to help someone that can’t afford our Key2Life Medi-Chip &know that you helped to save someone’s life.”
(send donations to www.paypal.com , click on send money and enter norman@sgmscorp.com as payee. You will receive a tax slip so you may deduct your donation from our income tax. All funds raised will go towards providing free Medi-Chips to those that cannot afford them)

We are looking forward to always be the leader in providing new and better methods to help provide you with lifesaving products, ones that will work anywhere in the world and that are affordable for everyone.  Should you not be able to afford one of our products assistance may be available to help provide one to you. Contact Norman Eisenberg at norman@sgmscorp.com for further information.


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My goodness, I have one of your 4GB Medi-Chips EMR and everyone that sees it would like to know what it is.They didn’t know the Key2Life existed and now they want one. Thanks for your wonderful product. My doctor is telling his patients about them and is going to provide them for all his patients because in his word,“Key2Life is a true and proven lifesaver and I care about my patients health, and more important their safety”.

Mary Jane McKendry

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